Brilliant Features

Here are several features that make Fusion Mobile Excellent

  • Student Friendly

    Fusion Mobile looks great on every device. The content can be accessed with much ease and flexibility

  • Self-Paced and Intuitive

    With Fusion Mobile, you can now study on the move. Pause, Rewind, Fast forward the lectures to meet your pace.

  • AnyWhere, AnyDevice

    Fusion Mobile works on all devices. Computers, Android - [Tecno, Infinix, Gionee, Gowin, Samsung, Blackberry etc], Windows mobile

  • Personalized Learning Engine

    We personalize the content to suit your needs. An Art or Science student? You have nothing to worry about.

  • Video Lectures

    We work with the best teachers in the country.

    With Fusion Mobile, you can now learn directly from them. Talk about flexiblity.

  • Revision Questions

    Fusion Mobile provides revision questions on all topics in the curriculum. This is marked automatically by the computer as you study.

Feel the Innovation

At Fusion Mobile Nigeria we use only the most modern, convenient and interesting solutions.
We make learning easy and fun. We want you to excel with little or no struggle.

YOUR Benefits

  • Follows strictly the curriculum

    Fusion Mobile Lectures have been thoroughly reviewed by the Ministry of Education. It covers all aspects of the new curriculum

  • Stunning flexibility

    You don't have to worry about internet. We have you covered. All contents in Fusion Mobile work offline. No hidden charges.

  • Step on the New Level

    Education is moving very fast with the rise in technology. Don't be left behind. Move!!!


Fusion Mobile is installed on mobile devices, computers, e-libraries. The student who installs it then registers as its user. To start using the application, he opens it to watch video lectures. For this, the student just sits down and observes a real classroom atmosphere teaching on his mobile device. This does not need the internet to operate, so it does not place any extra financial burden upon the student. As the teachings go on, the student has total control of his time and learning speed, a powerful tool which he has no control of in the classroom, for fear of looking dumb, by asking his teacher to repeat or slow down to enable him understand a new concept.

He can pause the lecture when he wants. If he is sent on an errand, he can stop the lecture and won’t miss anything. He can repeat a line of instruction if he so wishes. He can pick the subjects he finds most difficult in classroom and repeat the video tutorials as many times as he wants. The power of this approach is that the student no longer sees teaching and learning as one boring classroom exercise, but an exciting educational game which absolute control he has.

Our thinking is simple: students love to play with their mobile gadgets, why don’t we make them have the classrooms in those gadgets and come out with flying colours?

After sitting down to learn, the student can go to Fusion Mobile database of Practise Exercises to practice interactive quizzes on any subject he wants. Thereafter, he can place himself under exam mode and start practicing exam questions. Whichever question he chooses to practice is marked by Fusion Mobile and his answers calculated and graded immediately. On the go, the student sees his scores and assesses his strengths and weaknesses before any major exam. On areas where he needs improvement, he simply goes back to the classroom, turn on the videos and start learning again. This means a student starts getting used to writing exams on his device even before the examination day.

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In our work we try to use only the most modern, convenient and interesting solutions.


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